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How to Make a Team Rocket Costume

First, find pictures with high definition and download them. You will need some detailed pictures as reference while making the team rocket cosplay costume. So seek for a gallery of Team Rocket pictures available online.

Second, discover the long red curving wig. If the wig you have found is not curving, do not worry please. Just style it into a long swoop by a curl at the ending.

Thirdly, to look as similar as possible with members in Team Rocket, you will need to make up on your eyes. Add brightly red lipstick to your mouth please.
Fourthly, the white turtleneck and short sleeved midriff jacket is a must-have item. Or, you can use an open-front shirt. Then, sew or glue a big red “R” symbol on the front of the jacket. While making your own Pokemon cosplay costumes, it’s imperative to be imaginative. Just see what you can use in your wardrobe. Or go to a thrift shop for some cheap materials on which you can create an anime outfit. In the later case, you will get information on how to cut straight and sew a hem easily.

Fifthly, if you can not find a black t-shirt, just neglect it. Shorten a white turtleneck. Sew or glue a big red “R” appliqué on the front directly.
Sixthly, layer your white jacket or shirt over the midriff black t-shirt. And then pair your top with a whit mini skirt. Like this picture shows to you, this female looks dolce and a little sexy with her Pokemon cosplaycostume.

Seventhly, black hip-length boots made from leather or leather-like materias are required. Also, a pair of long black gloves should be collected to enhance your cool cosplay appearance.

Eighthly, a pair of large and round earrings in green dangling under the lobes is necessary. Actually speaking, all of these elements are not hard to be found from your closet or on the market. You will never spend a lot of time in making your costume.